Illustration, Publication

Illustrations of Mercutio's Queen Mab speech by William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, I.iv.58-100), twisted back on itself and collected into a little self-published book. Erotica, feminine power, fantasy, science fiction, punishment of modern avarice, and black humor are all in play. This project came about as a practice exercise to see if I still knew how to use ink after making pictures with scratchboard for years and years, and because I needed something to make the loneliness of the pandemic stop hurting so much. It has grown into a weird little world inside my head now, where some very personal things I've been thinking and wondering about have found purchase in strange soil, and a seductive, mischievous, ill-behaving faerie queen who wears her nervous system on the outside of her body to ride forth on.

Each copy of Mab is signed, numbered, and featured a unique cover. Depending on her mood. Limited First Edition of 50. *SOLD OUT* Many thanks to all for your support!